• Flexible Tanks
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    Flexible water tanks certified for drinking water. The easiest and fastest sistem to store water and other liquids.

    Made in Spain.

    Side outlets 2″ y 3″ Al or PP

    All SEINE TECH Tanks are checked and tested before delivery. SEINE TECH TANKS are without maintenance and fully guaranteed. All SEINE TECH TANKS are suitable for storage of drinkable water for human and animal consumption.

    Due to its UV protection, all SEINE TECH tanks can stand in extreme climates (-30ºC-+70ºC) without change of properties.
    Bottom protection is recommended and available from us. Petrol and related products are not allowed in the tanks.

    Some milestones: SEINE TECH TANKS have been deployed in several civil projects in Spain, Holland, France, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, China, Mexico, Angola, G. Conakry, Sudan, Kenya, Moçambique, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Irak, Iran, Haiti , Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Libya, UAE, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Burkina Faso, Lebanon, G. Bissau…