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  • New Solar Irrigation Kit
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    Would you like to irrigate by solar

    Make it possible with Seine Tech Solar Water Pumping 

    DOWNLOAD the brochure here: Seine Tech Irrigation KIT .pdf


    What can you expect about the Small and Medium scale drip irrigation kit?

    – Irrigate your plot with Solar Energy, with no running costs anymore. Sustainable Irrigation kit.

    – The kit includes everything pre-mounted; you need only a water source to start pushing water.

    Flexible tank as Optional item. Low cost tranport. Immediate deployment. Check it here

    – Easy to implement. No electrical skills needed.

    – All the components are standard, easy to maintain everywhere.

    – Even the pump is so familiar; only one inlet, one outlet

    – Standard electrical surface AC pumps.

    – Capable to pump water up to 40m3/day.

    – Total pressure up to 100m.

    – Availability of chosen 3 stages of pumps according your water needs.

    – Easy to transport

    Choose the pump according your water needs:

    • Compact horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, Grundfos Brand or alike.
    • The kit includes 8m flexible hose for the suction port with foot valve and couplings.
    • Irrigation kit pumps
    Irrigation kit pumps



    General Sketch:

    Drip Irrigation kit

    Small scale farming sketch

    Photovoltaic Array:

    – Grid of 7 units of Solar Panel, with frame.

    – Structure holder 20º tilt, for the 7 solar panels.

    Control Panel:

    – Manufacturer: Seine Tech SL (Spain).

    Product description: it links the pump with the solar panels, everything pre-assembled, with plugs. At night or cloudy days the pump can run by external electrical source (generator or mains).


    The complete kit comes in one wooden box (suitable for sea or air freight).

    Total Volume: 1,3 m3     /     Total weight: 300 Kgs

    Please, if you have interest to know more detailed info, please contact us here.