1^7 or roughly double, so actually, I might increase my attack

Another alternative to make the shuriken bounces better is to increase damage for each subsequent target hit (say by 50dmg/target). That way, if you have 3 targets tracked, you shuri off of a creep, the last target in the chain gets hit for 525 instead of 375, and aghs bouncebacks would increase that further. Just thinking out loud tbh.

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her explanation If you let yourself get poked down before you have everything you need to trade damage, you going to lose the lane unless your jungler camps. So the long and short of it is play like a bitch until level 3 then start making trades, chipping away at his hp until you either kill him or force him out of lane. Maxing E doesn actually do much vs teemo since the majority of his damage is DOT, you better off maxing Q for the damage.

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