A growing interest among investorsIn part

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replica bags reddit However, interest among advisors lagged behind, as more than 60% reported «little or no interest» in those same strategies, while fewer than 10% described themselves as «highly interested». What’s behind this gap between investor desires and advisor inclinations? Are advisors simply missing the boat, and is their reluctance to embrace the trend costing them business? What, exactly, is sustainable investing, anyway? Read on as I try to fill in the gaps.A growing interest among investorsIn part, the growing interest in sustainable investing strategies is a response and perhaps a backlash to the industry wide trend toward passive, ETF based index investing. The 7a replica bags wholesale benefits of passive indexing (especially those that rely upon low cost ETFs) are, by now, well established in the portfolio management industry, touted even by such investing luminaries as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch.But for all the tax benefits, trading ease, and fee savings that index ETFs present, there are also some significant drawbacks for those investors who care deeply about the types of investments they own. replica bags reddit

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