A spokesman said LME was ‘looking into’ lithium opportunities

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canada goose Of note Chinese lithium cobalt oxide China spot prices were up 0.03% for the month, and 21.24% over the past year. A spokesman said LME was ‘looking into’ lithium opportunities.» Investing News also ran an article «Is the LME Lithium Contract Feasible?» They quoted «Lithium expert Joe Lowry of Global Lithium told the Investing News Network that he expects a lithium contract to be launched at some point, but it is «likely a few years off.» Given cobalt and nickel are already traded on the LME, it would seem lithium will follow.Lithium demand versus supply outlookOn September 7 Bloomberg Technology reported: «Picking electric car winners is BlackRock’s key mining challenge. Blackrock’s Hambro sees large demand growth for EV materials.»The biggest theme over the next 10 or 15 years of investing is going to be getting right the transition away from the combustion vehicle towards EVs,» Evy Hambro, who manages BlackRock Inc.’s World Mining Fund, said in a Bloomberg TV interview on Thursday.»EV metals demand surge comingSource: Bloomberg New Energy FinanceOn canada goose outlet store new york September 7 Bloomberg Businessweek reported: «We are going to need more lithium. canada goose

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