About 25 billion of that has already been posted

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KEITH: Well, that’s easier to track because the State Department has to sign off, and information about the sales has to be posted. About 25 billion of that has already been posted, and those were arms deals that were set in motion during the Obama administration. And then as for the other 85 billion, it’s partially deals that were already announced, and the rest are subject to approval by the State Department.

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Like the child this means living a life consistent with the Buddhist saying «The source of all suffering is desire.»For some this upset is only a matter of time since many people have no plans of action; no structure for fulfilment in life as to how they will achieve their goals. Instead their lives are based on relying on the wheel of circumstance, or idle fantasies, romantic notions, expecting something for nothing. Which is victimhood waiting to happen? All this is in effect the anatomy of upset and the reactions to life breakdowns with all those accompanying dramas that many people go into.

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