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But then once all those people are sterilized and taken care of, someone like, well, we should stop people who do drugs from having kids, they just end up as child abusers. We just stop poor people from having kids because they wouldn be able to afford giving them a good life. Poverty is correlated with being a person of colour, so we stop them from having kids, too, because they be neglected and never do anything good anyways..

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find out this here Jay’s ball is currently being worked on and stored inside of a house, however we are all aware that day will soon arrive when the rubber band ball will no longer be able to fit through the outside door frame. When this day gets here the rubber band ball will have to be permanently relocated and moved outside. We will all have to cross this bridge when we get to it, and maybe we will have to look into a building with a large garage door for Jay to continue his project of building the world’s largest rubber band ball.

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