As someone who kind of got the short end of the genetic stick

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Know adults that cannot handle that kind of incident with that much bravery, poise and distinction, Lt. Philip Rizzo of the Franklin Township Police Department said at a news conference. That, this young lady needs to be commended. Your points about Affleck are weird. He was trying to get the Kryptonite which was his sole purpose. He didn’t care about the lives of the henchmen because they were trying to kill him and he thought he needed that kryptonie.

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The 28 year old Winnipeg native is entering his sixth CFL season after being taken in the sixth round (45th overall) in the 2015 CFL Draft by the Ottawa Redblacks. He played two seasons with the Redblacks and was instrumental to the team making it into the Grey Cup in 2016. In the East Final, LaFrance rushed for 157 yards and a touchdown to punch Ottawa’s ticket to the championship.

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