How dare a woman consider such a thing when deciding who to

vikings cornerback rhodes virtually unavoidable for top receivers

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All the more reason to embrace it.I take a good look at what the other people are saying, then. Are they actually disagreeing with you over the literal written word of the religion, or are they disagreeing over interpretation or implementation? I wouldn assume people to deny what we generally accept as facts, like a written document or well known events, but there still plenty of room to disagree, especially when it comes to religion. So what are they actually saying?Unless your audience is the type that WOULD deny whatever you saying (like flat earthers debating geography).

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It shouldn exist, because its still the fucking rams no matter where they go. I mean sure it sucks that I won see them live next year, but honestly I can see myself rooting for any other team in the nfl. I grew up watching the rams and will continue to watch the rams when they are in LA.

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