However, miniature beagles have been recreated and are now

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Canada Goose Online Map changesStarting off with the map changes, Wailing Woods and Lazy links are gone, replaced by Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon, inspired by Egyptian and Pirate themes, as well as a Volcano in the middle of these locations.Fortnite Season 8: The MapSource:SuppliedYou can jump on the lava to bounce (although you will take 1 damage per touch) or be volcanic vents will launch you up in the sky with hot air bursts.Fortnite Season 8: The VolcanoSource:SuppliedThe Block has also been moved to the motel location, meaning Risky Reels is also returning to the map.Keen eyed fans suspected something would happen with Wailing Woods, after cracks began appearing around canada goose vest outlet the area, as well as the ground appearing to dying. Clues in the lead up to the new season also teased a pirate theme, with Fortnite circulating a picture canada goose outlet in chicago of a hook, and cryptic pirate poem.Marks The SpotLoot that has been lostCan always be found.4 days to Season 8. The only weapons to be vaulted are the chiller grenades and sneaky snowmen, unsurprising given the end of the Winter themed Season 7.Fitting with the pirate theme, Fortnite have also added cannons to the game, with players able to shoot cannonballs or themselves at enemies to deal explosive damage Canada Goose Online.