«I became suspicious then stopped and called HMRC directly

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replica bags canada Avoid entering any details online without adequate research (Image: Cultura RF)Get the biggest money stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersFraudsters are targeting Brits completing their tax returns by sending fake emails asking them to create a «government gateway account», which then requests their personal banking details.Customers who receive an email with the subject line «Refund Payment Confirmation Number» followed by an 11 digit number, are being warned to report and erase the message immediately.This can done through Action Fraud here.One customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Mirror he became suspicious, after the email asked for his card number and sort code, claiming to owe him money.He said: «I noticed the text and followed the link until I got to the part where they asked for my card number and bank account details.»I became suspicious then stopped and called HMRC directly. I received the email on 12 January.»Another told us how clicking on the email, led him to lose 7a replica bags philippines after fraudsters forged a series of credit cards in his name.»Having received a email allegedly from HMRC saying I had tax to claim back, I sent my bank details across. I then had my account cleared out by over as they got credit cards sent to an address in replica bags and shoes Birmingham.The hackers who spent most of the stolen money at wholesaler Costco, even managed to change his online banking details.»My bank eventually refunded the stolen money replica bags lv but did not act on the fraudsters.»The fraudulent email that is currently in circulation states: «We are sending this email to announce that after the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax return of In replica bags paypal accepted order to receive your tax refund, you need to create a Government Gateway account.»This scam email claims you’ve been caught speeding and then empties out your bank accountMark received two emails on the same date which raised his suspicious and led him to alert the tax officeA HMRC spokesperson has warned anyone in receipt of these emails to contact their phishing team immediately replica bags canada.