I had a fails like that too but i never complained about them

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canada goose uk shop For all intents and purposes with 2 soldiers it targeted, but because the soldiers aren targetable units (in fact I don think they even coded as units), essentially glorified AoEs, its not coded like that.The reason people want it to be changed is because it can lead to dumb deaths where you a unit out from a soldier during a hectic teamfight because you kiting or chasing and it VERY clear what you want the game to do, but it does something that effectively the opposite.Learn the range then or force riot to make a indicator for that or something (kinda like kai rek dont change how it works. I had a fails like that too but i never complained about them because it was pretty much all the time my bad that i clicked my E too fast. As i said don make a change for a sake of canada goose amazon uk change because u making fails.It aparrent that even grandmaster players have this issue, but even then a better argument would be that making Azir friendlier to new players help with balancing him in the long run canada goose uk shop.