I want to survive this, I guess I wouldn be crying for help if

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Corporate and a rep from the MPAA came, fired both guys, and went through report after report and hours of footage to determine how much money was «stolen». They settled on a figure in the $5,000 for the first guy range, which he paid with no hassle and he moved on with his life with little consequence, from our perspective. This lead everyone to believe the real figure was much much higher.

I find that no one will take care of your health other than you. A better wage is always something to strive for but I strongly dislike minimum wage hikes because it reduces the availability of labor due to the cost of work. The work hasn changed but it now costs the business more..

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By contrast, even though less than a quarter of my DNA is Italian, I was raised primarily by the Italian side of my family. My grandfather came to America when he was a teenager, so those traditions are very, very strong. We do feast of the 7 on Christmas Eve.

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