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site web You might get a margin call but it is also possible that your broker may liquidate your short option positions before you can get your margin call, leaving you with a realized loss. That being said, selling naked puts is a viable strategy so long as you have enough liquidity available to handle a volatility spike. You might consider using put spreads instead, so you can use your margin more effectively.

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Honest and probably unpopular opinion. Why would anyone watch it? Like it a cute idea but people don even care about academy because it too low quality. And before someone gives me the «but in EU they have regional leagues», yeah they do and «EU» is not a country.

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We had a top 10 D with no probowlers (although Hicks should have been) the season before this past one. I am excited to see what Pagano can bring but I fear it likely that I be wishing fangio was still here come the end of next year. Sorry if there a lot of typos I just typed this all up on mobile..

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