If I get confused or want to make sure I’m on the right path

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best hermes replica handbags Once taken from the lake, the carcasses will be trucked to Burns for processing before being spread across alfalfa fields that feed Eggert’s dairy cows.»It’s been enjoyable to get a broader partnership going to address what has become a longstanding issue, while putting Hermes Handbags the waste to use,» said Tim Greseth, the executive director of Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation, who worked with luxury replica bags Eggert to develop the fertilizer concept.Unlike past carp control efforts, the goal this time isn’t to eradicate the fish. Instead, workers hope to remove enough carp to trigger an «ecological tipping point,» loosening their stranglehold so plants and insects can rebound, once again providing enough food for the millions of birds that historically have rested here during their migrations.Organizers hope a few years of intensive fishing will do the job. In subsequent years, lighter maintenance fishing should keep the fish at bay.»We’re trying for a more sustainable carp control, instead of the shotgun approach,» said Linda Beck, the refuge’s fish biologist.The refuge has always been one of the West’s most crucial migratory stopovers best hermes replica handbags.