If you go to a flat Earth convention (yes they exist) you will

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Canada Goose Outlet Mammoth in CA has wide runs, but lots of lifts and lots of people, but you still definitely want to avoid weekends, and definitely avoid the southbound traffic on Sunday afternoon/evening. When I skied in canada goose vest outlet NM at Santa Fe, my brother called it crowded. It would have been a very light day for Mammoth.anillusionofchoice 7 points submitted 1 day agoYes, very heavily. They both require a conspiracy mindset, which allows for the dismissal of any evidence which might cause cognitive dissonance by claiming it manufactured by a conspiracy.Doctor recommends vaccines because they are part of a grand conspiracy including big pharma, the government, scientists, and everybody else is sheeple who haven seen the clear evidence for this massive conspiracy.The same logic is used by flat earthers, 911 conspiracy theorist, moon landing deniers, holocaust deniers, intelligent design proponents, and climate change deniers.If you go to a flat Earth convention (yes they exist) you will be chased out of the room if you bring up anything positive about vaccines, evolution, or claim the holocaust happened.Most anti vaxxers hold one or more of these other conspiracy based positions. Canada Goose Outlet

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