Imel told CNN that he hasn’t settled on a final retail price

His early minutes showed the type of defender he could be and the pressure he puts on teams by running the floor is probably more important than his actual scoring. He is also the only real shot blocking presence. I hope Walton continues to instill in him and the team that you play your way onto the floor through defense first.

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I care much more about getting people playing time that COULD be here in 2 years when the Mariners MAY be a team worth watching. Seagar will not be here and has zero value to me at all right now. So in 2020 you want me to watch him hit.240, have a decent WAR, on a team not going anywhere that has zero plans for him in their future while he pockets 19 mil? Come on..

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2) My utility was insane compared to his even with his evocations. I had a small Undead army, counter spell and dispell magic for days, True Seeing, Contact Other Plane, Arcane Eye, Scrying, Teleport, up cast Blindness, Fly, Slow. Spells a Warlock wouldn even take because they wouldn want to dump a precious slot into it (I never seen a Warlock cast shield, Locate X, or Absorb Elements in my life).