In this situation you create a well balanced team with high

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canadian goose jacket 6 points submitted 8 hours agoI don have a compilation, but gosh it would be amazing if someone made one! It just something canada goose outlet washington dc I seen over and over again since their debut, from variety shows, to Vlives, to in person at concerts.I wouldn be surprised if some of it was exacerbated by feelings towards TS, but Yongguk has been very up front with his introverted nature and dislike of cameras since the beginning. A wonderful leader and amazing musician, but I glad he in a spot now where he can be more comfortable in his music and promotion.And as always, ForeverWithBAP! 30 points submitted 6 days agoIt not really about being talented. If I started posting The Wasabies(who actually have Korean in some of their songs) or Rose Quartz (who are very clearly Black Pink inspired and whose lead vocalist is Korean) or LIME(who were on ICSYV and actually promoted in Korea and have Korean versions) canada goose parka outlet uk stuff, they would be similarly downvoted.Same as EXPedition or whatever they were called.People celebrate it if someone is using KPop to make kind of fun of it like Conan right here in Fire or BgA with their two KPop inspired songs but as soon as somebody tries to do it seriously, they get downvoted, called a rip off or even accused of «cultural appropriation» canadian goose jacket.