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    SEINE TECH has developed an innovative system to pump water by photovoltaic energy based on efficiency, easy installation and fair cost. The use of Triphase AC Pumps, means that a wide selection of pumps is compatible (submersible, surface and pressure pumps).

    Our system only operates on daylight, without batteries, so water must be stored in water tanks or direct water service. Storing water is much cheaper, reliable and secure than storing energy in batteries. It increases efficiency, forecast and water control. We may offer side water reservoirs, Seine Tech Flexible Tanks for quick deployment.

    Optional: System can work also by night time,  supplied by electric mains (net or genset). If a generator is used, it doesn´t have to be oversized.

    The system is completely automatic and doesn’t need operators or qualified personnel to run. Only a very basic maintenance like array cleaning is enough.

    Once the design is completed the set up is quick and cheap. The whole installation doesn’t take many items, and there is no requirement for special on spot job.

    Very interesting for remote areas or places without or with poor power availability. Either for human use, livestock or irrigation the Seine Tech Solar Pumping System have big advantages in front of other existing systems.

    SEINE TECH SOLAR PUMPING back up the full implementation from A to Z:
    Design. According to water source and water needs.
    Full Supply and Logistics. Special light packaging for air transport.
    Complete installation.
    Complete installation.
    SOLAR PUMPING Advantatges:
    Self – sufficient. Works with sun radiation.
    Minimum logistics. Due few elements needed for the set up.
    Economically worth. Fair cost first investment and non extra cost over the time.
    Long life materials and smooth pump running due not water hammering.
    Not electronics located down the well
    No contamination. Clean Energy.
    No noise.
    No fuel expenses and Logistic constraints.
    No spare parts needed.
    Standard triphase AC pumps. Any brand.
    Minimum maintenance.
    Easy set up. Once design is completed installation is quick and run at full efficiency.
    No skilled personnel needed for operation.