«Most of our favorite artists suffer from mental illness

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canada goose coats In a recent discussion on the suicide of Lox member Styles P’s 20 year old stepdaughter, canada goose outlet legit Budden who’s also been transparent about his own battles with depression shed his rough exterior, and some tears, on camera. It’s part of a growing push to prioritize mental health within hip hop culture and the black community at large. «Most of our favorite artists suffer from mental illness,» Budden said before listing the likes of Kid Cudi, who publicly admitted himself into rehab following a social media meltdown earlier this canada goose bomber uk year, and Kanye West, who was treated for exhaustion and sleep deprivation shortly after canceling the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo tour following notorious onstage rants about his mentor JAY Z and wife Beyonc, and a surprising post election endorsement of Donald Trump. canada goose coats

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