Mr Jakobi knows what he is talking about

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Canada Goose online There is a food and drink bubble in the US according to the man who made a popcorn fortune in the UK.Robert Jakobi, who turned Metcalfe’s Skinny popcorn into the fastest growing food brand in the UK, says the amount of private capital available to launch at new food and drink brands means that the valuations for food and drink businesses in the US is four or five times higher than comparable businesses in the UK.Not that Mr Jakobi is complaining far from it a voracious appetite for new food brands was one of the reasons he moved to the US to launch a new soups and stock cubes business BOU.His message to food entrepreneurs is that if you want to make a foodie fortune go west. The US is the best place in the world to start, grow and sell a food business.Mr Jakobi knows what he is talking about. The company he founded and ran with Pret canada goose uk price a Manger and Itsu founder Julian Metcalfe was bought by the owner of Kettle Chips and is now owned by US giant Campbells.He won’t disclose how much he sold it for, but says that had he sold a similar business in the US, it would have fetched a far higher price.Bubble»There’s just so much private money in the US, someone with a successful track record (like Jakobi) can raise money quite easily.»The food and drink category is becoming like the tech sector Canada Goose online.