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This is the real benefit of always harping that rural America is the «real» America. Mass actions and strikes obviously have to take action in cities but if these people are otherized from the rest of the population then it becomes harder for these mass protests to spread from the cities outward. This is totally the opposite of France where what happens in Paris has very significant impacts through the rest of the country..

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But again, turns it sideways and passes in a dangerous position to guendouzi who has to force a pass straight back to him on pass 10. At this point they allowed the attackers to press them without southampton players even having to try. They just sucking the attackers towards them and luiz lazy passing when he had 2 opportunities with plenty of space is definitely part of the blame..

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Weighing only four pounds more than their comparable two stroke motors, these new outboards surpass expectations. They are the lightest weight in their class, starting at 209 pounds. The lower gear ratio in the lower gearcase gives these engines increased low end torque, which means more holeshot than with the current 40/50 TLDI.