Of note is that no one on reddit lets anyone live this down it

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Don give me this shit about how if it happened to you it be no big deal if it happened to your team. Of course the Saints would have wiped that shit eating grin off of Brady face, but Ram fans would still be bitching about it and admittedly we probably be calling you crybabies. Life goes on.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Follow CNN PoliticsWhat Trump appears to have done is totally freelance on an issue that has at least the potential to badly damage his administration and standing in the world. His claim that the whistleblower is a partisan even though he doesn’t know who the whistleblower’s cheap jerseys boston identity is ridiculous on its face. His confirmation that he did, in fact, talk to the Ukrainian president during the window in which the whistleblower’s complaint was filed, adds fuels to the fire surrounding the story.Here’s the other thing: Repeatedly during his remarks on Friday, Trump urged the media to keep building up the whistleblower story so that when the real story came out the press would look all the more foolish Cheap Jerseys from china.