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I’m not a trump fan but I wouldn’t have voted to impeach him. I don’t think conduct that you don’t like as president is enough to impeach one. They lost it for me when they took the Bribery charge out of the impeachment hearings. But the very next year, Katy Perry literally flew during her halftime show, upping the game once again. Since then, Katy Perry has tried to buy a convent, with much resistance from the nuns who own it. Apparently, they were not as impressed with her flying stunt as the rest of the world was..

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Milwaukee led by as many as 46 points late in the game.The Bucks never trailed, jumping in front 26 7 after eight minutes. The Blazers got to within 31 23 early in the second quarter, but the Bucks stoked it back to 56 34 midway through the quarter. They went into intermission with a 72 50 lead despite making only 4 of 19 attempts from the 3 point line.