Some had set up a circle of plants

It just is weird because usually people even when angry would say why. Instead Garrett said that he did lose his cool but never said why. It coming out now with (reportedly) no audio and/or witnesses backing this up is weird, in my opinion. If some team will outpay the Red Sox they aren’t who they claim to be. They want to charge a mint for seats and food and everything else? Great. Now spend some of it.

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About 150 protesters engaged in the occasional chant or song or speech making at the north end of the bridge. Most were huddled under tarps, umbrellas or canopies.Some had set up a circle of plants, others were handing out vegan wraps and others were erecting more tarps, to provide more shelter from the relentless rain.About a dozen police officers in high visibility vests stood around in small groups and appeared to have little interaction with the protesters.Most were wrapped in weatherproof clothing to ward off the damp chill.Vehicles, including city buses, were being diverted to Granville Bridge. Traffic could be seen from Burrard, and mid morning it was light and free flowing.wanted to be here on a Monday morning because that would cause the most disruption, said protester Jess Causby, 23, cheap nfl jerseys overnight shipping who from Manchester, England, and isn working at the moment.

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