That up from an estimate of $5 billion the company had issued

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It’s more of her being a pain about it. One of the examples being me saying how I like my partner to be able to cook because I love cooking, it’s almost like a hobby to me and I cook like 3 5 times a week and she snapped back saying she would never cook for any guy because she doesn’t believe in gender roles. There was no mention of me expecting my SO to cooking FOR me, the discussion was about my partner cooking WITH ME and then there was this time when we were talking about going out for pizza, while the pizza place is considered to be really good, the neighborhood is not that good so I said I preferred going for lunch because it’s not a safe neighborhood especially at night and her response is «oh you mean it’s a black neighborhood so you don’t want to go there» and I am like u wot m8 it’s not safe, it’s south side Chicago and Multiple people get shot there everyday.

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