The mother of nine said she could no longer fulfil her duties

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high quality Replica Hermes ‘I don’t understand why he did this’ Mum who was injured in racist attack speaks outZaynab Hussein was ran over twice, but incredibly she survivedIn a victim impact statement read during the hearing Mrs Hussein, 47, said she had been bed bound and confined to downstairs in her home where fake hermes belt women’s she sleeps.»I have limited mobility and use a walking frame,» she added. «My lack of mobility is really upsetting.»She said she had Replica Hermes uk lost her independence and did not enjoy relying on others.The mother of nine said she could no longer fulfil her duties towards them and that even if she was able to go outside she would not do so for high quality Replica Hermes fear of being attacked.She said she now fears for her children’s safety and cannot believe what happened to her that day.In addition, Mrs Hussein she her family’s finances had suffered because she can no longer work as a cleaner and is struggling to pay her rent and council tax as a result.Paul Moore, motorist who deliberately drove at a woman and a teenager and then crashed a car last year has been found guiltyShe said: «I don’t understand why he did this to me.»This incident has completely changed my life for the worse.»I’m not the person I used to be. I can’t be a mother to my children.»Mrs Hussein suffered severe fractures to her pelvis and spine and a broken bone in her leg.She has undergone several operations and another is still required.Moore was found guilty of attempted murder, dangerous driving and grievous bodily harm.As well as the attack on Mrs Hussein while she walked along a pavement, high quality replica bags Moore also drove at a 12 year old Muslim girl moments later, narrowly missing her but knocking her schoolbag out of her hand.. high quality Replica Hermes

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