The police report says that the head butt was caused by an

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Patients progress to acute and subacute rehab, where they may begin sitting and standing balance training and ambulation. Skilled nursing facilities and specialized post acute settings exist where patients may begin work on transition to home and community tasks. Then home health therapists may see Neuro patients at home, and address difficulties encountered there, to maximize a patient’s independence and decrease caregiver burden..

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That a shift that happened more blatantly and obviously since the 1980s. Fox News is just the distilled essence of it, because it happened in every TV newsroom, radio station and remaining newspapers as these have been consolidated into international conglomerates. Robert Maxwell, Conrad Black, Rupert Murdoch, Disney, Comcast and a handful of others dictate what half the world hears and sees now; far greater control than any newspaper baron of the 1800s..

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