The same study showed that a disruption in sleep patterns

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Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags It disrupts your sleep; your mind doesn’t get the rest it needs and you could wake up feeling down, tired or replica ysl clutch bag outlet sleep deprived, which in turn affects your day to day activity.It can be particularly replica ysl difficult to deal with a barrage of nightmares if you aren’t aware of any mental health issues that you’re suffering, because you might not have tools to deal with these issues.We find out what having consistent nightmares can be an indication of and how to manage them (so that you can finally get a good night’s rest).What causes nightmares?Nightmares usually occur during REM sleep similar to dreams and although they can be a sign of an underlying issue, they’re not always this complex.According to WebMD, having a snack late at night can trigger nightmares as it boosts your metabolism and tells your brain to ‘be more active’. Taking medication or coming off medication can also stimulate nightmares, as can alcohol withdrawal.You get less REM sleep when you drink, and although it may seem tempting to have a nightcap, reduced REM sleep also means your mind’s ability to process dreams is impaired so you might not be able to deal with what you’re dreaming about.Interestingly, sleep deprivation in itself can also lead to nightmares, meaning you’re effectively stuck in a loop of bad sleep.A study from 2016, which measured the role of insomnia, nightmares and chronotype (essentially your biological clock) in relation to mental illness revealed that 8% to replica yves saint laurent clutch 18% of the population is ‘dissatisfied’ with their quality of sleep, and between 6% to 10% suffer with some form of insomnia disorder.The same study showed that a disruption in sleep patterns ‘commonly presents prior to acute psychiatric difficulties’, such as a manic episode, paranoia or ‘transition to major depression’.’Sometimes they involve people from my life, Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags sometimes faceless figures, which makes it even more creepy. Mostly I will wake up intermittently throughout the night.’I’ve had dreams of my teeth crumbling out of my mouth and anxiety nightmares, where I spend the entire time feeling anxious within the dream.’When I wake up, I’m worn out and extremely Ysl replica handbags tired, which makes me not want to get out of bed it’s paralysing Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags.