They also discuss owner Francesco Aquilini going ‘scoreboard’

Maybe there are a lot of Euros with nothing to do. Go to Europe and see what real soccer fans look like. It just reeks, under Lamar Hunt, they were considering moving the team until it sold to the Cerner corporation with some other owners. I also find his stetalites so neccesary to my playstyle that unless a particular time sensitive objective needs to be taken, I do my best to fight inside the stetalites. Sometimes this means not supporting my ally until I can use the gary zone or my ranged units can attack from the zone. Micromanaging them at times feels tedious and like I artificially inflating my apm (though I guess no one is counting.).

The Canucks purchased the Vancouver Stealth before last NLL season and moved them from the Langley Events Centre to Rogers Arena and gave them a new name and look. Richardson was one of their hires. Lions have posted on social media over the past few years.

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