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cheap canada goose uk A bivy also helps at that point too. This list is aiming for a low of about 33 at the limit of comfort.teaearlgreyhot 5 points submitted 13 days agoHey everybody! Right now I have a perfectly good 20 EE Enigma that a few years old, but I am a very cold sleeper and it really not enough for me under 40 degrees in the CO mountains.I have ordered a Nunatuk 3D Quilt 5 with the thought that quilt and bag ratings, canada goose on black friday in my experience, are never quite what I want, but now I am second guessing myself re: the integrity of their temp canada goose outlet woodbury ratings after reading some Nunatuk reviews here on the subreddit.I am hoping to use this quilt for shoulder seasons here in Colorado where it can get very cold, very fast. Do you guys think a 5 degree Nunatuk quilt overkill for a cold sleeper in this use case?GrimTuesday 16 points submitted 19 days agoIn case anyone else is researching quilts right now I collected some specs to find out what the density of down is in each quilt. cheap canada goose uk

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