Using a hammer, I just one shot it I have lots of fun power gaming it and using the game shortfalls to my advantage. Because I play rather than sim, I can pump XP into the expensive attributes like speed, strength, and hit power. Those usually have a minimal effect on a player OVR, as opposed to the cheapest attributes like awareness that shoot OVR through the roof for very little gain on the field.

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If you didn’t catch the highlight last night and need to get up to speed, here’s what happened: Knight’s Detroit Pistons were taking on the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday evening. The Clippers known to sports fans as «Lob City» for their propensity for high flying alley oops ran a lob play for center DeAndre Jordan, who came steaming down the lane with all of his 6 feet 11 inches and 265 pounds hurtling toward the rim. The lob went up.

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