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Canada Goose online WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. The foundations of Major League Baseball’s long, wonderful period of peace are starting to shake.Baseball is undergoing the first stage of a dramatic paradigm shift in the way players are valued in the free agent market canada goose coats on sale as well as a tilt in MLB’s balance of power toward owners and away from the powerful players’ union.How the game copes with these tectonic forces between now and the expiration of the current collective bargain canada goose gilet uk sale agreement after the 2021 season will profoundly impact the health, wealth and popularity of the sport for a generation.The game has what seems like an eternity four seasons to adjust to changing market dynamics and extend what will be a 27 year era of labor peace. But conditions are changing so fast that players are disoriented and disturbed, while owners click their heels with their sport awash in new revenue streams.The stunning symbol of this confluence of factors is the current spring training camp, run by the union, for players who have no job even though the exhibition season is underway. Canada Goose online

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