was so impressed with jetstar cabin crew on our recent flight

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canada goose uk outlet A helping hand can be a godsend which is exactly what a mum at Brisbane airport got recently.A Jetstar flight attendant has been praised online for bottle feeding a baby while the bub mother took her two other children to the bathroom canada goose outlet winnipeg ahead of their flight to Hobart last week.Jetstar shared the image of cabin services manager Robyn Fitzpatrick feeding the little one on its Facebook page.mum needs a hand to organise canada goose number uk toilet breaks for her two kids, in steps Jetstar nanny! the airline wrote alongside the photo.photo of our Cabin Services Officer and grandmother of 12, Robyn was taken in Brisbane recently when she helped out a mum travelling with three young kids. Image, which has been liked more than 3100 times at last count, attracted plenty of comments that heaped praise on the kind flight attendant.all heroes wear capes! They both fly though! one person commented.Others with children shared stories of helpful flight attendants on their Jetstar flights.was so impressed with jetstar cabin crew on our recent flight Brisbane to Bali, another person wrote.was a mum who was having a hard time settling her bub, each of the cabin crew took some time to walk around with bub so mum could have a break. Was amazing to watch. canada goose uk outlet

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