• Solar Pumping Engineering
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    A new solar pumping system has been developed by SEINE TECH to facilitate the availability of drinking water or irrigation systems from wells or surface sources in an easy and fair cost system. Pressure standard pumps can also be driven by Solar.

    A Solar Pumping System is always to be designed on a daily water flow basis. Sun radiation is different depending on latitude of the location. At the same time an electrical pump has its own performance curves at determined power.

    So, a solar pumping station design links electrical and hydraulic parameters according to customer needs.

    When a steadily water flow is determined along the year, we do design the system according to the most unfavourable month (month with less radiation) so we assure such quantity of water. It means that in higher radiation months, the system will pump more water.

    For irrigation purposes, and depending of the crop nature, the system can be adapted to the months periods when more water is needed. This information is important to proceed design the system.

    What you can expect from us:

    – Specific engineering design according to your needs. Your installation will be cheaper than a diesel generator driven pump sooner than you expect. You can forget about energy bills or poor voltages that can burn your pump.

    – Full technical support before and after set up. Fully guaranteed.

    – Open technology.

    – Use of standard AC Triphase  submersible or surface pumps . It can be a pump very familiar to you.