Since 1996, SEINE TECH SL develops suitable technology related to Water and Energy. We do believe that there is not economical development without covering the basic needs, and this must be with respect to Nature and the Planet.

In 2012, we developed the very first Solar Milling system in the world, a solar solution for cereals processing in remote areas. Might you visit also our Solar Milling specific website.


Large populations faces big constraints  due not access to water, either for drinking  or irrigation. With our developments we do propose affordable technology to improve living conditions, mostly in rural areas.

Our Solar Pumping Systems based on standard pumps and components offer a wide range of possibilities in any part of the World.


At Seine Tech we offer energy solutions for electrification based on photovoltaic systems, either hybrid, 100% solar and self-consumption.

We have been promoting renewable energy-based mini-grids and micro-grids (decentralized). We design our systems using State-of-the-art technologies.