• Solar Mill for cereals
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    Solar Milling® is a registered Seine Tech brand, and systems are manufactured, assembled and tested in its premises.

    This grinding system is a complete equipment designed by “Solar Milling®”. It offers an affordable system driven by solar energy to facilitate an appropriate cereal/food processing technology for the benefit of smallholder farms, rural communities, cooperatives or projects in places where there is not electrical grid.

    This “Solar Milling®” equipment guarantees the possibility to obtain edible flour from different kind of dry grains (maize, wheat, barley, teff, millet, rice…) directly from the sun energy, so not electric or fuel bills are involved anymore.

    Designed, manufactured and assembled in our premises in Barcelona. Spain.

    Please check the Solar Milling specific website at www.solarmilling.com

    Or download the Solar Milling brochure here: